Alpaca Headband - Camel
Alpaca Headband - Camel
Alpaca Knitted Headbands
Alpaca Knitted Headbands
Alpaca Headband - Camel
Alpaca Knitted Headbands Camel Colour
Alpaca Headband - Camel
Alpaca Headband - Camel

Alpaca Headband - Camel

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This fabulous Alpaca chunky rib knit headband is luxuriously soft and snuggly. Alpaca fiber is insulating yet light, breathable, water resistant and feels just amazing - it's perfect for any season.

The option of wearing this headband back to front if you want more width over your head is up to you. Our luxury alpaca headbands are made with a gorgeous stretchy rib knit which stays in place.

Key Info
Size: 14cm deep x 24cm wide unstretched (This 80% natural Alpaca knit stretches and will loosen for an optimal fit)
Colour: Camel
Made in: Great Britain
Made From: 80% Alpaca Fiber, 20% Acrylic

Washing Guidelines

A cool handwash (30º) with a mild detergent such as baby shampoo is recommended.   Wash for no more than 5 minutes.  Rinse in lukewarm water, always pressing, not wringing the fabric.  Wrap the item in a clean dry towel to absorb excess moisture.  Reshape as necessary and lay flat to dry.  Do not hang your wet alpaca garment as it will stretch.

While it is possible to machine wash some of our garments on a 30º cool wash cycle, we cannot guarantee the result, because the make and condition of different washing machines varies too much!  However, if you do wish to use this method for some of our smaller and less delicate items, we recommend you turn the product inside out and place in a gauze laundry bag.

For very stubborn stains, please take your item to a professional dry cleaner.

We recommend that all our alpaca products are folded or rolled, rather than hung to prevent stretching.

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Our Values

We love to support UK brands and makers, working closely with those brands who fit our goal of promoting environmentally-friendly and ethical shopping. We're committed to using environmentally friendly postage packaging and keeping the amount of plastic used for products in general to a minimum. Together, we're the future.


Perfectly thought out gifts which were very well received - only problem was deciding which gorgeous box to order!

Louise G

Thank you for allowing me to express compassion and care for people via your gifts. Just received a call 'a beautiful gift and what a wonderful suprise'.

Lesley E


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