About Us

Hello !  I'm Rachel the founder of Rosegarth Wellness.  Married to my wonderful husband, we have two teenage children and a couple of dogs.

I previously worked in a large corporate business, within Marketing and Project Management. l wanted to leave that world behind, enabling me to focus on my family and achieve a goal of working for myself.

Wellness has always been a priority, I must admit more-so the older l've become.  I've always loved a good spa, beautiful wellness related products, helping others and that feel good factor.

Wellness to me certainly doesn't mean bodily perfection, in fact l'm a self-confessed yo-yo dieter.  I strongly believe in a good mental balance and healthy regime.  Relaxing is so important, positivity, de-stressing and me-time are all key.

So with calm and relaxation in mind, to aid mindful living I wanted to offer some amazing products, sourced from artisan and ethically sourced businesses. This, together with Gifting seemed the perfect idea - hence, Rosegarth Wellness was born. 

Before l sign off, l wanted to say 'Thank You' for supporting my little business, and allowing me to reach my goal.

Why not follow our journey on Instagram @rosegarthwellness - say Hello! 

Thanks again,
Rachel x